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Book Review Alert: Lessons on Church Folk - Volume 1 & 2 of by Antoinette Marie Davis

Book Review Alert: Lessons on Church Folk -
 Volume 1 & 2 

Author: Antoinette Marie Davis

Published: September 6, 2011
Publisher: Mill City Press, Inc.

ISBN-10: 1936780933
ISBN-13: 978-1936780938


Rating: 3 stars

Lessons on Church Folks Vol. 1 and 2 are novels that bring to light many issues that are found in the everyday twentieth -century church. These short stories contained in these novels are there to entertain but also show the seriousness in the issues that are spoken about. The book covers issues from backbiting (gossiping) to adultery. Each story starts with a short paragraph explaining the issue and then a short parable or example of the issue.

In some cases, I love the format of the book. The size of the book could be intimidating to a new reader but on the other hand great for the reader that cannot sit and read a full novel but just a little excerpt every day. The downfall of the novel is the lack of scripture references. Based on the writing presented, there is a feeling that most of the book was skewed toward negativity of those that attended church as a regular practice. If one were a weak-minded or simply or unaware of the positives of religious worship gathering, on would never return to a church or visit a church after reading this.

This reviewer wishes that the author would have given just a little more to the novel than a “parable a day”.

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