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Book Review Alert: Why "We" Didn't Choose You: You: A Relationship Handbook for Women (and Men), Vol. I By William T. Hoston Ph.D

Book Review Alert: Why "We" Didn't Choose You: A Relationship Handbook for Women (and Men), Vol. I

Author: William T. Hoston Ph.D

Published: January 1, 2010

Publisher: ZL Publishing House

ISBN-10: 0615411495

ISBN-13: 978-0615411491

Rating: 5 stars

Not all men are dogs. There is a reason for their actions.

     Why “We” Didn’t choose You by William T. Hoston Ph.D shows different views of men on the topic of relationships. The author asked questions to everyday men. These were questions that almost every female has asked at one time or another. The questions ranged from, why men cheat, to what is the difference between making love, and having sex. The men in this novel confessed in some instances the roles (good or bad) that they played in relationships. These gentlemen give the female reader a look into the male thoughts and offer different opinions to females.

     The views at times can be very frank, and most times not what the average woman wants to know or hear. This book also gives a glance into the reasoning of the opposite sex; from playa, to all American man. This book contains letters written by the men to their ex- girlfriends as well as poems written at the end about their thoughts.

     I am not a fan of non- fiction but I am truly a fan of this book. This is not a book for both women   and men. I feel that is it a breath of fresh air to get an insight into what other men are thinking and saying about the same topic or topics that might be causing problems in your relationships. When reading this book I had mixed of emotions. I would try to when compared, to another proclaimed self help novel by Steve Harvey; I would say this one is better because this book shows that not all men think alike. This is truly a five star read.

Reviewed by Patrice Smith

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