Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Meet Tia Terrell-Barnes- Black History Authors 2 Read Edition

Tia Terrell-Barnes

Tia Terrell-Barnes aka Tia Barnes is  Houston born and bred. She is married to her middle school sweetheart and they share seven beautiful children. She always had a passion for reading and a way with words. She wrote for her middle school newspaper back in the day. She dropped her first book Trust Issues under Unique Pen Publishing.


How would you describe your book’s ideal reader? 

Hmmm my books ideal reader would have to be someone open minded that isn’t so quick to judge because I try to hit from all different angles that we as women can relate to or have experience in some way or another.


If you could meet your characters, what would you say to them? 

I would tell my characters to keep God first in all you do. Keep people out of your business; family over everything. Also, if a person tells you who they are to believe them.


What is your writing process like? 

My writing process is my own. I don't do outlines because that doesn’t work for me. I jot down different scenarios that I can bring to life then I go from there. I write straight through then I reread. After that  I send it to my dope editor Alycia Morris and she takes care of the rest.


What author would you like to do a collaboration with? 

OMG! There are so many just know that I will be collaborating with some dope authors really soon.


What would you like to say to the readers? 

I want to tell the readers that have supported me from the bottom of my heart that I love and appreciate them, and to my new readers to thank you for taking a chance on me and I hope that you enjoy my work.


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